Get More Sales

No Under Booking

Identify under booked dates.
Create attractive deals.
One click update on all OTAs.

Align Yourself With OTAs

Exact mapping of rates & inclusions.
Update inventory for next 400 days.

Savings = Earnings

Consolidated Billing

Bill consolidation from multiple point of sales to eliminate error in payment collection.

Payment Reconciliation

Accurate tracking of payment from various vendors.
Reconcile cash and payments from other modes on shift change.

Complete OTA Integration

Price Parity

Eliminate OTA penalty by automatic price parity.

Real Time Communication

Lightning fast inventory sync.
Instant entry of bookings from OTAs.

Focus On Guest Experience

Quick check in/check out

Daily arrival and departure schedule.
Fast booking retrieval.
Quickly assign rooms.

Know Your Guests

Save guest preferences and details for future reference.
Save guest ID proofs.

Take Control of Pricing

Easy to read reports

Identify actions for all OTAs depending upon current booking status.

Pricing Control

Manage multiple pricing plans with time based rules and pre-defined inclusions.

Increase Staff Retention

Decrease Admin Load

Reduced data entry.
Faster information retrieval.

Reduce Human Error

Designed keeping hotel's processes and handling in mind.
Mistakes can be easily identified and corrected.